Lol Doll Pamper Party


  • $385 each for 6 girls
  • $55 per extra child
  • Approximately 1.5 hours
  • Disclaimer
  • Two LOL hostesses to entertain and run the party
  • Choose a wicked LOL hair style
  • Each child will get a large funky hair accessory (large bow, hair band, tiara, top hat etc)
  • Colourful mini manicures with pop nail art
  • Lip gloss
  • Body Spray
  • Play a party game with prizes
  • Play our fun garden games around the room. Flower ring toss, toss the turtle, toss the hedgehog, Tinkerbell’s treasure hunt and Snow White’s apple toss.
  • Party music and dancing
  • Yummy popcorn and marshmallows
  • Drink provided – lemonade
  • Group photo with the LOL hostess (using your own camera)
  • Tea and coffee for parents to help themselves
  • Time for cake and present opening